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Author Retreat

An entire weekend in the Black Hills of South Dakota dedicated to your book writing goals. Focused and personalized practices. Retreat workbook. Dedicated workspace in a private master suite. Mountain views and fresh air. And everything you need to write, write, write…including four one-hour mentoring/strategy sessions with me. Think of me as your modern-day Gertrude Stein.

Project Management

Managing the various steps required to publish your book, including cover design, interior layout, distribution to online platforms, and more.
Project management can include any or all of the following:
     – Obtain bids/proposals for cover design, interior design,
        offset  printing
     – Coordinate Advance Review Copies (ARCs) and reviews
     – Upload to online platforms such as Amazon, B.A.M,
        Barnes & Noble, and IngramSpark
     – Schedule pre-release and publication dates
     – Set up your indie author accounts on distribution platforms
     – Manage deadlines and schedules

Editorial Services

Developmental Editing: Like it sounds, this process builds upon or develops what you’ve already written with additional content. Copyediting is done simultaneously.
Copyediting and Line Editing: Sentences, paragraphs, pages, sections, and your entire book are rigorously reviewed to fine-tune the words and ensure flow and good structure.
Proofreading: Checking the book for errors in punctuation and spelling, missing or repeated words, typos, and other small errors. Ideally, it is read aloud and done after formatting for publication.